Does My Loved One Have Hoarding Disorder (HD)?

The visible signs that a loved one has Hoarding Disorder (HD) can, in some cases, be pretty obvious. The large number possessions make it difficult to walk through rooms, it can be hard to locate items among all of the things, and/or it is impossible to use rooms as they were intended to be used… Read more »

Is it Hoarding, Clutter, Collecting, or Squalor?

What are the differences between hoarding disorder (HD) and clutter, collecting, and squalor?  Simply collecting or owning lots of things does not mean someone has HD.  A major feature of HD is the disorganized nature of the clutter — in most cases, the living spaces can no longer be used for everyday living as they… Read more »

For Families

What You Need to Know By its very nature, hoarding can have a huge impact far beyond the individual who suffers from it, much more so than other mental illnesses. Family members of those who hoard, whether or not they live with the person with hoarding disorder (HD), are affected by both the emotional toll… Read more »