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Hoarding Center News and Accouncements

IOCDF Announces 2nd Annual Hoarding Meeting in Boston in July 30 - Aug. 2.

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We are excited to announce that for the third year in a row, we will be holding the Annual Hoarding Meeting at the Annual OCD Conference. The 3rd Annual Hoarding Meeting provides critical information to individuals, families, and loved ones affected by hoarding disorder, with the goal of improving access to effective and compassionate treatment and care. The Annual Hoarding Meeting also offers an opportunity for professionals — from therapists and social workers to firefighters and other public safety officials — to learn how to most effectively and compassionately work with individuals with HD. Professionals will hear from leading researchers and experts in the field, and will walk away with new understanding and practical strategies for working with those affected by HD.

Updated Buried in Treasures Facilitator's Guide Now Available!

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The Buried in Treasures (BIT) Workshop is a 20-week, 15-session facilitated self-help approach to dealing with problems of acquiring, saving, and clutter. Click here to download a free Facilitator’s Guide for how to set up and run such a group. 

A Team to Tackle Hoarding

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Read the New York Times profile of a Hoarding Task Force in Orange County, CA.

Learn more about Hoarding Task Forces here.

Hoarder Buried Himself in Atari Games and Bobble Heads

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Lee Shuer's hoarding began a decade ago as he began collecting Atari video games then progressed to vintage art work and musical instruments.

But soon, his apartment was overflowing with bobble heads, collectibles and anything he could get "free or a good deal."

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Does Your Aging Parent Have The Disease of Clutter?

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A 50-year-old businesswoman from southern California recently walked into her 83-year-old father's apartment and nearly passed out from what greeted her. "I thought I had mistakenly entered an unlocked a storage area," she said. "There were stacks and stacks of papers, magazines, books -- literally from the floor to the ceiling."

Read the full article here

Hoarding: How Much Stuff is Too Much?

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"Hoarding: How Much Stuff is Too Much?" features IOCDF Scientific Advisory Board and Speakers Bureau member Dr. Gail Steketee.

Full "Hoarding: How Much Stuff is Too Much?" article.

Wall Street Journal: Shop 'Til You Stop: How to Treat Compulsive Spending

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"The whole culture conspires against us in the holiday season," says April Lane Benson, a Manhattan psychologist who has treated compulsive shoppers for 15 years. Besides tempting sales, pressure to top last year's gifts and the urge to shop for oneself, she says, "the holidays bring up a lot of unfulfilled longing for some people—and that's one reason why they shop, as a salve for disappointment."

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